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Michael Derderian's Statement

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Welcome to the Station Education Fund.

Thank you for visiting our site.

On these pages you will find a mission of hope, promise, passion and compassion.

The initial concept and thinking for this all volunteer, non-profit fund stems from the tragic Station Nightclub fire in West Warwick, RI on February 20, 2003.

A rock band's use of pyrotechnics ignited a lethal fire which engulfed the club, resulting in the loss of 100 lives and dozens more seriously injured. Along with the tremendous loss suffered by family members who lost loved ones and the daily struggle of courageous burn survivors are what could be called "the youngest survivors" of the Station Fire. There are nearly 80 children who lost a parent, or, in some cases, both parents in the horrific fire.

Michael and Jeffrey Derderian, who were the renters of the building where their nightclub was located, along with Jody King, are the organization's founders. Jody King's brother, Tracy, worked as a bouncer at the club and gave his life that night as he served heroically, along with others, to save as many people as he could. Tracy, at 39 years of age, left behind three young sons, who, like the other children, serve as the true inspiration for this organization. Jody has since given tirelessly of his time and passion in many efforts to assist the victims' families since the fire, and SEF is honored to have him as a Director.

While literally tens of thousands of Rhode Islanders have opened their hearts to all of the victims of the Station Fire through extraordinary agencies and organizations, the Station Education Fund is solely dedicated to assisting those children left behind whose lives have been forever changed by the Station Nightclub fire.

While there is nothing more valuable than the love and support a child receives from his/her mother or father, the belief of the volunteers committed to making the Station Education Fund a success is that education can make a huge difference in a child's life and future. Our mission is to help provide resources and outreach programs for these children for both their current and future educational needs.

The Derderian and King families have made the initial contributions to establish this fund and create this web site so that others may also participate. Many members of both families volunteer daily to solicit additional support nationally as well as locally and to oversee the day-to-day administration of the fund, advise applicants, and network with educational, human service, and business institutions supporting those applicants.

Your support, either as a donor or as a volunteer at a SEF event, will make a valuable difference for these children. Thank you again for your kind consideration.

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